Our Focus

By utilizing our on-site laboratories or our proven industry expertise to design functional VoIP systems – we are focused on ensuring your product performs for the vital role it is intended.

Audit is not technical work to eliminate problems! It’s just a diagnosis of your station. The result of the plant audit is a report on the reasons for the hacking and the solution of the problems found. Telephone stations very often become the target of hacker attacks. This is because by skipping calls through a hacked station, terminating gray phone traffic, an attacker has the ability to make money very quickly on hacking. And if hacking of any other Internet servers is much more difficult to convert into money, then hacking the IP-PBX gives you the opportunity to receive money literally the next day.


Protection of Asterisk IP-PBX from attacks is one of the key measures aimed at long and high-quality telephony operation. It is necessary to understand that incorrect configuration of the IP-PBX at best can only lead to a malfunction that can be quickly corrected. But in the worst case, other people’s calls to international destinations will be missed through the station in huge numbers.


Almost every company has a moment when the existing digital (or analog) PBX becomes a bottleneck in the company’s business communications, and then the management and the IT department begin to think about its complete replacement or modernization.


Pros of IP telephony is really a lot, but the transition to it must be considered, and the possibility of its application must be considered individually. The advantages of digital telephony are undeniable, but there are also shortcomings of IP telephony. To date, the market presents a variety of solutions that allow you to organize the telephony of the enterprise. At the same time, more and more organizations are opting for PBXs due to the fact that they provide efficiency and flexibility of telephone communication.

About US

We, a team of young professionals who are quick to respond to change. Still, IP-technologies are constantly being improved, and this needs to be understood and consistent with this. We are responsibly approaching the implementation of projects and are always ready for non-standard situations. In other words, we are: System / Network Administrators, computer mages, shamans and wizards of a wide variety, using tambourines and other IT skills. We specialize in the implementation of IP telephony systems Asterisk (FreePBX) in companies. If you need a link - We will help!
Our Skills

Configuring Asterisk (FreePBX)
Audit of the existing automatic telephone exchange of the customer
Building Call Centers
Training of customer's employees
Asterisk support
Designing VoIP networks

  • VoIP/FreePBX

    Configuring Asterisk (FreePBX) & Building Call Centers

  • Training

    Training of customer's employees

  • Designing

    Designing VoIP networks

  • Support

    Asterisk support

Our Team

In our company they know how to appreciate professionalism and are able to work in a team on complex projects. Our activity is connected with modern and interesting technologies, behind which the future.

Life has taught me to understand why something does not work or works "wrong", at the same time taught me to solve problems like "well, anyway, you have to deal with this thing, there is nobody else". We can also create & nbsp; fault-tolerant services, including crutches.

SEO Founder / CTO
SEO Founder of Nightdestiny Group
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson
Senior Designer / Art Director
Make a color scheme in the editor for the color of the wallpaper.
Chris Pontius
Chris Pontius
Senior Support Manager
Did they step on the rake? Do not spend the whole day! It is much more expensive than our time!
Bom Margera
Bom Margera
Senior DevOps/Code Ninja
We remove the kernel panic’s vow on the core dump, we predict the panic on the uptime.

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